Early Blackbirds 2018 (set) alleen als set verkrijgbaar

Early Blackbirds 2018 (set) alleen als set verkrijgbaar

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12-14 jaar

  • Early Blackbirds 2018 (€ 13,50| 3 titels)
    Deze set bestaat uit:

    • Pauline O'Carolan - The Alati Collection

    • Sue Murray - The Singing Stones

    • Sue Murray - The Cave of the Jaguar

    A: young reader

    Early Blackbirds
    Blackbirds zijn voordelige Engelse romans voor middelbare scholieren. Elk jaar verschijnt een nieuwe set van drie Early Blackbirds, maar je kunt ook zelf een eigen keuzepakket samenstellen. De boeken zijn geschikt voor onderbouw vmbo/havo/vwo.

    VO onderbouw vmbo/havo/vwo (1-2 vmbo/havo/vwo)

    12-14 jaar

    The Alati collection

    Mia Alati gets a shock when thieves arrive at her family's villa in the Italian countryside. They have come to steal her father's fabulous art collection. The thieves have guns, but Mia and her grandmother are smart. When they are taken prisoner, the two of them use some quick and clever thinking to get out of a dangerous situation.

    The singing stones

    'Find the stones... You will find the way to help all of Avondel.' Finn doesn't understand the note that his great aunt gave him, but he doesn't have time to think about it. When soldiers come to his village looking for him, Finn has to escape and go on a dangerous journey. He soon learns that only he can defeat the evil warlord Gondar and bring happiness back to the land. But he'll need the help of the singing stones, and of the strange, wonderful friends he meets along the way.

    The cave of the jaguar

    The almost 18-year-old Jim Franklin travels from Vancouver to Guatemala, where he will be staying with his uncle Simon in a small and remote village for three months. One day, English-speaking strangers visit the village and disappear again. Not long after this, uncle Simon also disappears. Jim is afraid of what has happened to him, because the villagers had clearly been upset with Simon. In order to find him, Jim follows a couple of villagers and ends up in a cave in the jungle. There he finds an ancient treasure and… human remains.

  • Titel: Early Blackbirds 2018 (set) alleen als set verkrijgbaar
    Categorie: Literatuur
    Druk: 1
    Prijs: €13,50
    Taal: Nederlands
    ISBN/EAN: 9789001899332
    Verschijningsdatum: 04-05-2018
    Status: Leverbaar
    Type onderwijs: Boeken 12 jaar en ouder